You Will NEVER Believe

What This 82 Day Old Puppy Just Did!

Whistle Recall Course

This course teaches you how to train your puppy to instantly and reflexively come to you when you blow the whistle.

Regardless of how far they are or what they are doing.

The methods used are the same methods used at SeaWorld training marine mammals.

At Elite Puppy Training we consider this a safety behavior.

All the puppies in the videos were part of the Elite Puppy Training Resident Program.

Course Details

22 Video Lessons

Written transcription accompany all lessons

Audio recordings accompany all lessons

Lifetime Access

No software to download or upgrade

Designed for puppies 8 week (56 days) and older

Designed for first time dog owners

No software to download

Access course on phone, tablet and computer

What You Get

Welcome Module

Video Lesson 1: Welcome to the course

Video Lesson 2: Meet the trainers

Video Lesson 3: Training Time

Video Lesson 4: Planning your session

Video Lesson 6: How to do a session

Video Lesson 7: A real training session

Week 1 Module

Video Lesson 8: All about whistle recall

Video Lesson 9: Session 1

Video sesson 10: Session 5

Week 2 Module

Video Lesson 11: Session 10

VideoLesson 12: Session 15

Week 3 Module

Video Lesson 13: Session 20

VideoLesson 14: Session 25

VideoLesson 15: Session 30

Week 4 Module

Video Lesson 16: Session 35

Video Lesson 17: Session 40

Video Lesson 18: Session 45

Week 5 Module

Video Lesson 19: Session 50

Video Lesson 20: Session 55

Video Lesson 21: Session 60

Week 6 Module

Video Lesson 22: What’s Next

Meet The Trainers

Both Kim and Zahid are former Sea World Animal trainers and have trained the following species: Killer Whale, False Killer Whale, Dolphin, California Sea Lion, Asian Small Clawed Otter, North American River Otter, Harbor Seal, Walrus and Beluga Whale.

With their combined 20+ years of training marine mammals they brought the same behavioral technology to puppy training.

The results have been astonishing, little puppies doing amazing things growing up into amazing dogs capable of anything.

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